Is Sex Addiction Ruining Your Life?

How Does a Person Become a Sex Addict?

You may be wondering how you ended up in this place – where the desire to fulfill sexual fantasies or have unending sexual partners is wearing you down and ruining your relationships. You know that you need help and your not even sure how you became addicted in the first place. Before I explain how, please note, that anyone can overcome any type of additive behavior with the right tools.
Recover for Sexual Addiction
The main reason that sex feels like it has a tight grip on you is directly related to how it effects your brain.

When you experience sexual fantasy, rituals, and behaviors that give you a high, your brain is put into a psychologically stimulated neuro-chemical state. This means that when you engage in your sex addiction your brain is influenced and in response releases adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin into your body making you feel amazing and left wanting more.

You have created a chemical imbalance in your brain. When the rush of chemicals that make you feel amazing stop, you immediately want to start searching for a way to experience that feeling again. This is the cycle that leads to addiction.

What are the Consequences of Sex Addiction?

Many different consequences can result from an individual’s inability to control their sexual addiction. Some of the most common consequences of sex addiction include:

  1. Financial consequences. From poor productivity at work because an individual has nothing but sex on his or her mind to money spent on sex through prostitution, cybersex, phone sex or online sexual fantasy chat rooms, there is great stress financially that can come from sex addiction.
  2. Health consequences. Individuals who suffer from sex addiction are likely to take part in promiscuous activity which can lead to unwanted pregnancy, STDs such as AIDs or hepatitis, or rape.Sex Addiction Hypnosis
  3. Social consequences. Sex addiction can lead to adverse social interactions. Many sex addicts will not interact socially because they spend their time taking part in cybersex while others may be over pushy or too sexual when in social interactions which can lead to social upset.
  4. Emotional consequences. Sex addiction is a disease and many sex addicts, despite their desire to quit taking part in extreme sexual activity, are unable to on their own. This leads to failure and emotional upset that can linger and cause depression or anxiety for the addict.

Tools to Break Your Addiction

I firmly believe that addiction can be broken with continued hypnotherapy that ‘rewires’ your brain so that you do not have urges you cannot easily disregard.

Right now, your brain is working against you and if you want to break free completely, you must address how to repair your brain so that you can control your impulses.

hypnosis-for-impulse-controlNot everyone can afford private sessions with a licensed hypnotherapist or may not have access to one in their area. That is why I created this hypnosis program for you, to make it easy and affordable for you to get the help you need to overcome this addiction for good. 

Hypnosis For Impulse Control helps with issues related to sex or sex addiction. It helps you make choices about behaviors, overcome dysfunctional thinking, and address any underlying issues, as you walk through a series of steps to recovery. It’s an excellent stand-alone program or adjunct to other methods, treatments, or therapies. The program can be done in the privacy of your home.

Almost everyone can be hypnotized. The old debate about whether or not a subject is “hypnotizable” has become moot. Hypnosis happens when a person allows it to happen. A willingness to “think with” and imagine the things that are suggested are states amenable to achieving a hypnotic effect.

Hypnosis enriches sexuality through six important facts: First, cognitive control is achieved; second, relaxation from anxiety and stress is accomplished; third, consciousness of one’s own “thoughts” that may be negative about related sex can be recognized; fourth, positive imagery is used to enhance positive sex; fifth, natural physiological processes are freed to function normally, sixth, the person acquires a new mental skill of self-control over his thoughts, emotions and over his body.

Hypnosis for Easy Self Control

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