I am sure that somewhere along the line you have been exposed to stage hypnosis shows where the Hypnotist got people to “quack like a duck” or “cluck like a chicken” or a myriad of other entertaining things; at least entertaining for the audience. Did you ever stop to think that if a Hypnotist could get someone to do something that silly, what else could that Hypnotist get you to do? That is a very realistic question! Unfortunately, Hypnotists / Hypnotherapists have long suffered due to movies and stage shows that paint either a false or unrealistic picture (movies) or mislead people as to the importance of what Hypnosis is and what it can actually do for you.

I often refer to myself as a teacher/educator because that is the role I feel that I most greatly play in the lives of others. I have also been known to call myself a “De-Hypnotist” due to the fact that my job enables me to teach clients how to de-hypnotize themselves so they can change behaviors that they have so powerfully hypnotized themselves into, oftentimes as far back as when they were a child. The beautiful thing that many have yet to discover is that they “own” this ability to make changes at a very deep level; permanent changes; everlasting changes. “How” you may ask? By accessing the place where the unwanted behaviors were first initiated; your powerful subconscious mind.

Have you ever wondered why change can be so difficult? Your beliefs, perceptions and habits are stored and maintained in the subconscious mind. As a rule, most people are attempting to make change at a conscious level. In some cases that can be successful, where as in other situations, it can be excruciatingly difficult.

Most of the time individuals return to the same behavior they thought they had succeeded in changing. Hypnosis is direct unconscious communication.

Think of it this way… your conscious mind is like the desk clerk at a hotel and your unconscious is like the manager in the back office. The clerk and the manager may or may not have the same goals or ideas about what to do, how to act or even what is important about running the hotel. They may not even communicate very often. When you attempt to change with your conscious resources you are trying to change without the manager’s approval! That’s why often, after a time, you’ll notice yourself back in your old behavior. Have you ever had the experience of making up your mind to do something and then later found yourself in your old patterns…..? Well, you didn’t get the manager on your side did you? What adds to the excitement of this factual concept is that the manager (your sub conscious) is a magnificent creative genius. The unfortunate fact is that the manager also has a mind like a three year old in some ways. Logic is not fully developed. Maybe you have wondered why you sometimes do things that just don’t make sense (like overeating and smoking to name just a couple of biggies).

For those that wonder if they can actually be hypnotized? That is a no brainer. The answer is YES! How do I know that without knowing you? Each and every one of us goes into hypnosis many times over the course of a single day. You are in hypnosis when you watch TV, when you read a book, have you ever passed a turn that you take on a weekly or daily basis and wondered how you could have done such a thing? These are simply a few typical examples, of which there are many more.

In addition emotion has an awful lot of impact on what you do and oftentimes exactly why you have the power to do it, be it good or bad having a positive or negative effect on you as a human being.

NOW…this is very important to know: The unconscious communicates differently than the conscious mind. You just can’t tell it what to do in the regular way and expect to get the results you want. The unconscious doesn’t update its ideas and concepts as readily as we’d like and sometimes the conclusions it reaches are not healthy (i.e. eating = comfort and safety).


During hypnosis which leads you into a relaxed state, direct communication with your unconscious mind can be established. In a relaxed hypnotic state, if we are guided properly, our minds and bodies are able to accept change much more readily with good chances that it will be permanent change.

In hypnosis you are in control.

The hypnotist is merely the guide who leads you through this comfortable, inspiring experience. The door is open to the abilities and resources of the ultra-powerful unconscious mind. Your conscious mind exists on the surface.

With this knowledge, there is absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish. That is exactly why I am passionate about sharing hypnosis with anyone who wants to make incredible changes in their life that can lead to:

  • Prosperity and abundance
  • A healthier life and life style
  • Playing sports more competitively and at a higher level
  • Performing better in any area of your life
  • Feeling better from the inside out

The list goes on and on.

I dramatically changed my own life with hypnosis which actually made the difference between living a life ruled by fear and creating a life that allowed me to feel all the incredible possibilities that are ours to experience, living it with love and joy. I wrote about this experience as an author in a bestselling book “The Art and Science of Success” Volume 3. I am living proof and am here to assist you with whatever you choose your experience to be.


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